About DH

About Desperation Heave

DESPERATION HEAVE is a shot nobody wants to take when something is on the line. It’s not the smartest and the highest-percentage shot but seeing the leather go through the bottom of the net is an automatic explosion inside the gym you’re in – or sometimes, a shot worth thousands of dollars.

This site was made to make my Facebook account safe from becoming an instant sports blog and to stop Twitter for limiting my thoughts about something, making me think of shortcut words rather than what should I type in.

In other words, this is my “All About Sports” site where I write various articles about all the sports events since I cannot practice my sports writing anymore now that I am no longer a student. All commentary posts that I put here are reflections of my views.

Some of my previous blogs that I only typed in my phone might be posted here and I’ll be showing my mastery* of Photoshop along with each of my posts.






*sarcasm intended